Meeting Your Needs

We connect...

The Health Reform Coalition connects health and social workers with clergy and educators in ways that leverage trusted relationships to influence and reinforce their beneficial role in the lives of the people they serve.  By breathing new life into community-powered influence networks, the HRC will create and nurture enduring relationships between stakeholders across the entire public health value stream.

Simply put, we enable faith and community-based organizations to expand their outreach programs until they serve the health informational needs of their members with ease.  By augmenting existing health ministries and self-empowerment programs, the HRC will improve the impact and reach of effective health interventions by sharing evidence-based "tools" that the target audience can understand, identify with and be motivated to take act upon.

We improve...

HRC will improve the community's health status by helping residents become more responsible healthcare consumers and safety net providers (local, state and federally funded service organizations) better achieve thier social mission.  Expected outcomes include a reduction in care transitions, complications after discharge, ER visits and readmissions, and an increase in access to primary care support services, where care is often more appropriate, safe and cost-effective.

The primary focus is on improving the safety net's ability to plan for and meet the surge in demand for care by an aging population with unmanaged chronic diseases that increase in frequency and complexity over time.  Cutbacks in spending have left minimal resources for patient education, prevention and safety net services in communities where they are needed most. This problem will be solved by the HRC, which provides personalized patient health information, and coordinates health interventions and clinical treatment services closer to home.

We provide...

The HRC and its partners will provide an intelligent glue that connects the Holistic Health Home with the people they're trying to reach through local and trusted non-profit organizations who have joined with the HRC to make a positive difference.  

Established community organizations already have the relationships, credibility and information systems in place which can be leveraged now to assist patients in making informed decisions, avoiding mistakes and better complying with self-care and preventive measures.

These organizations can be provided with real-time collaborative tools and  information services that enable qualified community organizations to provide their communities with a much better understanding (on a peer basis) of what is needed to be done to personally bring about a positive treatment result, while serving as the sustaining base for longer term personal behavior change.