Our Coalition

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Our non-profit, public benefits organization is comprised of public health, and community/faith-based organizations that are committed to the grassroots approach as an effective way to enable national healthcare reform.

Goals for the Coalition

  • To provide Thought Leaders with a simple, viable and fiscally-responsible approach to achieving the goals of the National Health Reform Act.
  • To prove that it is possible to improve Access, Quality, Affordability, Preventive Measures and Patient Outcomes without requiring billions in up-front investment before seeing positive returns.
  • To expand nationally to demonstrate that our information services and tools generate measurable results in a timely, scalable and sustainable manner.


An effective path forward...

    The HRC strategy can immediately impact the cost of healthcare and directly address how to reduce long-term costs and chronic illness through early primary care intervention and modified patient behavior. 


    We hope you will join us.