Accessible Health Reform Solutions

Our Solution Section ImageThe Health Reform Coalition will assist front line health and social workers as well as solutions providers deliver on the goals of the national health reform act through a series of cost-effective, high impact information services and tools.  Our interventions are implemented locally, yet tailored to meet the needs of communities across the nation, designed to pay off now and well into the future, benefiting the entire healthcare value stream.

  • Our best-practice-based interventions are people and process oriented, designed to promote trust and promote collaboration between trusted anchor institutions, safety net programs and members of the local community.
  • Our evidence-based practices overcome the limitations of age, culture, language, disability, literacy and income, which is essential when helping patients make better informed medical decisions, avoid medical mistakes and better comply with self-care and preventive measures.
  • HRC's approach is self-sustaining  after the first year of operation and will create jobs and small businesses that support the public health and social safety net.  This is essential if we are to overcome the shrinking number of safety net programs and health workers.  Inappropriate ER utilization and readmissions will be curbed, resulting in significant annual savings - eliminating costs for participating health and hospital systems after the first full year of deployment.



We invite public and private Health and Hospital Systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Non-Profits and faith/community-based organizations that are committed to improving the health status of their patient-centered care teams.  We invite them to participate in the first phase of our Demonstration Project and Pilot, launching in Fall of 2013..  

Participation is free and the rewards are limitless.


Together, Everyone Achieves More...

We hope you will join us.