Our Mission

We strive to help individuals and caregivers manage, coordinate and improve their access to effective health care resources and tailored interventions. Our focus is on communities, where we nurture partnerships between public health and social safety nets, faith-based organizations, and the communities they serve.

Our Motivation...

The HRC understands what it's like to live at risk, hopeless and without options. We know what it's like to have to choose between food and medication, and what it's like to need both.  For this reason, the HRC offers access to affordable FDA approved medications and medical goods, and will soon offer co-payment assistance those who need it.  In this way, we can improve the health status of individuals, caregivers and communities across the counties and states.

Our Target Audience...

The HRC has created an evidence-based approach to reducing the long-term cost of healthcare, by leveraging community-based organizations and trusted relationships to educate and motivate people to better comply with self-care and preventive measures.  

Participating clinics will be provided with tools that promote qualified community involvement - and equip their patients with a much better understanding of what it takes to personally bring about a positive treatment result, while providing a sustainable base for longer term personal behavior growth and change.  

Participating faith and community-based organizations will be provided with tools to improve the health status of their congregations and members.  When taken together, the HRC has viable solutions that will benefit the entire public heath value stream.